Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wait Wait Wait

Wait, wait, and wait. This is something I do poorly but it seems to be my conclusion as to what I must do.


I did some selling this week; or rather the market led me to sell more on that later. I still do not see the need to begin legging out of the market, or the need to dive back in so it is wait, wait and wait for now.


What did I see in the weekend review?


1. IBDs Market Outlook is of course Market in Correction 

2. My interpretation of the Copernicus System continues to be long in the Market, but a downward trend has been seen and it continues. The review of the Copernicus System is weekly and I use it for guidance as to what to do on Monday.

3. I still see stocks of interest, but fewer this week. First are some dividend paying medical related stocks: BM and PFE. Next VZ continues to looks interesting and also pays a nice dividend. BIIB caught my eye for the second week in a rowis it getting to be time for Biotech again?

Well those are all pipe dreams and simply on the watch list and the thing I am watching most is when does the market turn?.


I learned a little something this week and that is a true hedge is something that is a known inverse and not what I think might be a hedge.

This week I sold AGQ a leveraged silver ETF which had gone out of the box on the top (see Sell Rules ) and qualified in my mind for a reset to a new box. Then it dropped I had to sell it. I still managed a modest gain, but it was sure not much of a hedge

Next I sold SLW , which simply went out the bottom of its box for a loss.

My "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(Gains shown are the total since purchase)

  –2.76 %, continuing its move in the wrong direction

- .12 down again

up 3.89 %, but down for the week.

up 4.31 but also down for the week

The ETF's for a trade:

up .84% up a little the week, expect this to rise next week.

GLD down –.28 %, but actually moved up a little

For normal ETF's, I still have both  OIH and XLE. (oil related ETF's ),  which  are doing fine and  XLF which is dipping now.

Last I want to mention a somewhat new product from Copernicus:

This system was designed specifically for the TSP; the government pension savings plan for U.S. Federal employees.
TSP is not available to me, but I see the need to follow the advice, which appears to be conservative, and it is off to a good start.
In place of the TSP funds some selected ETF’s and money market funds can be used…and I hope to use leveraged versions of the ETF’s when that day comes.
I do not plan on giving away the signals, but may talk about it in future blogs
Well I hope we have had our correction, perhaps we will know next week

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