Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caution May Be The Word

I did a fair amount of trading last week to add some hedges for caution and eliminate some leveraged positions that just no longer make sensemore on that later.


This weeks review of Copernicus Systems show there has been Money Flow weakness for about three weeks. That makes sense with what has happened and a good reminder to go forward with caution until the Market direction is clearly  headed upward againwhich it could at any time.

IBD understandably continues their Market Outlook of "Uptrend Under Pressure", so this is in agreement with Copernicus.

I should also add that my interpretation of the Copernicus System continues to be long in the Market


I did once again see a number of stocks of interest: DELL, GRMN, GILD, CVX, GSOL and JNPR,  but I assume I will pass again on picking up more stocks....but it is good to see these


I sold some leveraged general positions: BGU , RSU and UWM that just don’t make sense to me unless an uptrend is clear. 

My "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(Gains shown are the total since purchase)

up 11.21 %, picking up a nice gain this week

up 3.20 % Looking a little better this week

up 10.74 % Added nicely

up 13.56 %....seems now restored

SLW up 2.09% was added this week, a silver trade for a hedge

The leveraged ETF's for a trade:

up 13.42 % This is a leveraged silver ETF.

USO up 4.18% a straight play on the price of oil was added this week. I was little miffed that OIH and XLE were not tracking the oil moves closely, actually they were inversely proportional at times. This one will move directly proportional to oil in the US as it reflects the performance of the spot price of West Texas Intermediate light, sweet crude oil...not sure this is really investing, but will hold it for the near term as a hedge

GLD down -.58 %, seem like time to add a little gold for a hedge

For all of the stocks and ETF’s for a trade I plan on letting the Sell Rules manage these. This could include a reset of the acquisition price  as is discussed in the rules

For normal ETF's, I still have both  OIH and XLE. (oil ETF's ),  which of course are doing fine and  XLF
which continues to hold on.

What will happen this week? ...I do not know the future, only what is happening now

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