Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still Waiting, Cash is Good, But “Sensing” Change is coming

So what did I see in my weekend review?
Well the Market did poorly on Friday, being down in volume. This is usually not a good sign, but it was Friday
The Dow sure likes to hug 12K either just above as it was last week, or just below as it was at this weeks close on Friday
IBD (Investor Business Daily) once again continues their Current Outlook as: Market in Correction.
Copernicus is where I am sensing rotation, but perhaps it is just confusion on my part as all of the systems still point to short, at least that is my interpretation. Trying to glean some good news I see a slower drop in money flows, the key indicator they use…but it still dropped. 
Even gold has suffered in sympathy to the market. I am keeping an eye on Japan, as one would think it would crawl up one day. I continue to watch energy drop…it would have been good to have shorted this in some way
I did not add to my initial into SH position (SH is an inverse of the S & P 500) so I am still 1/3 into that and I see no reason to make any changes or additions.
As indicated for the past couple of weeks, if the selling momentum firms, I will be looking at QID, a nifty inverse of 100 largest stocks of the NASDAQ. I will also look at REW an inverse on Technology, and FAZ a wild, wild 3x inverse of Financial Services.
…However I “sense” these will not be needed.
Currently my "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
None held at this time
ETF's for a trade are:
(All gains or losses shown are the total since purchase)
GLD +4.23%, second purchase +.72% …up a little from last week
SH  +.12% almost no change at all
Normal ETF's:
None held at this time
Have a great week.

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