Sunday, April 1, 2012

Apple and Priceline continue to gain, but .....

So what did I see in my weekend review?

The 10-yr Treasury yield is now at 2.21%

IBD (Investor Business Daily) is now at: Up Trend Under Pressure

Copernicus Systems is still showing to be long in the market (but not 100% in all systems). Money Flows are now up in 3/3  portfolios.


What will I do?

I will take a more cautious turn; will sell EWZ, (which I hate to do) along with EEM and EWH.

I will buy RGR, …seems to make a lot of sense doesn’t it.

Take a look at the RGR chart and compare it to AAPL. You will see how powerful it has been and for some time. It is also soundly profitable and paying a dividend

Currently my "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(All gains or losses shown are the total since purchase)

AAPL  (4) buys for +36.28 so (2) in the bank and in the box 6.28

JBL  -3.38, amazingly bad turn, so (Watching)

PCLN +22.65, continuing to climb so (1) in the bank and in the box 5.67

ETF’s for a trade are:

GLD (3) buys for -1.64
IBB   (2) buys for 4.66
EEM -1.03 adios  
EWZ -.4.90 adios
EWH -2.38 adios
EWY .56

I hope you have a great week.

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