Sunday, January 9, 2011

Market Direction?

IBD continues to see “ Market in a confirmed uptrend”.

I plan to add to the general market participation with a little UWM

This week….more of the same for ETF’s. The ones of most interest to hold continue to be oil and energy related: OIH, XLE and DIG.  I may add to these positions, 

For stocks I continue to hold AAPL and ARBA, but have a loss in ARBA, will let this go a little further and sell if it does not turn. MON and AMAT look like good choices this week.

JPM is interesting, but think I will pass for now. 

I need to do a review of dividend paying stocks but did not find the time this weekend

So what is the market really going to do????

Can you time the market? I cannot but I follow the Copernicus Systems that does an extraordinary job based on what the market is doing (my interpretation) via a propriety analysis of money flow and other measures

Copernicus ranks the ETF’s and stocks followed each week and this is what I primarily review each week. Here is a link to the site. A free trial subscription is available.

Have a great week

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