Sunday, January 23, 2011

Market Seems A Little Uncertain (but perhaps it's just me)

I am not sure what to think of the Market this week.The Market can be humbling or rewarding, don't know which it will be

I did not see any stocks that seemed interesting  to pick-up for a trade, nor do I have any that I am ready to sell. Collectively the  six stock stocks that I have acquired over the last few weeks are doing okay and it looks like I will let them decide when they need to be sold, more on that here: When to Buy and Sell


Not seeing any new stocks of interest sort of tempers my enthusiasm. So does the  Investor Business Daily Market Pulse which says: Up Trend Under Pressure. Based on this I will not be making any additions on Monday.

For ETF's, (Exchange Traded Funds), I  will be selling HHH in favor of  XLF...but I will wait to add this later in the week, pending what occurs     

I plan to stand pat on the general Market ETF's  and oil related ETF's that still seem to be working.

I will not be exiting at this point and a little dip would be normal and should be expected at some point.

Regards to all and have a good week.

Here is a link to a Copernicus page, whose system has been most helpful. It shows how their Worldwide ETF system compares to Warren Buffet since 2002 when it was first made available. It first shows how Warren Buffet compares to the DJIA, a second page show the Worldwide system compares to Buffet...pretty incredible, not only in gains but I really like the help offered to cut the losses of a downturn

1-26-11 Sold DIG this morning, perhaps a little early but still have OIH and XLE to participate in what may be a continued upward march for oil related things,  bought a little SOXL which is a 3X leveraged semiconductor ETF

1-27-11 did not pick up XLF as planned, now looking at the leveraged version FAS but will wait for next week. I just have too large a percentage in oil related stuff; time to diversify a little.

Will be selling the AMAT at the opening....the goal has been achieved. It may well go further but don't want to be a pig


  1. Hey thanks for posting the links to what the stocks are, very helpful!


  2. I didn't know you had a blog. Will be checking it! I told my husband; he'll be dropping in, too.