Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

For the past two years this market has been on a steady rise, going from less than 7000 to touch 12,000. See Here.

On Friday we had a modest drop which I think was based on the fears of the unknown in Egypt (Markets hate unknowns...especially on Fridays)

This was a good reminder that for the last two years if you were trading in the markets you could almost do no wrong and be led to think that you knew what you were doing. Friday was a sobering reminder that the market direction can and does change and it can be humbling when it does.

Some viewed this as a buying opportunity, some jumped ship.

What will I do????

Well...IBD's Outlook is " Up Trend Under Pressure" and my interpretation of the advice given by the Copernicus Systems is that we are getting mixed signals at this time but it is not time to go to least I do not plan to do so this week

The group of seven stocks that I have for a trades have done well so far.


I sold AMAT last week based on the Box Theory and I will sell ARBA  on Monday  based on this plan .

Last week I did not see any stocks of interest. This week I see plenty so I am taking some comfort in that but will wait until we see how this weeks events unfold and plan to hold the remaining  five of the seven and see if they can find some traction

For ETF's, (Exchange Traded Funds), I did sell  HHH and picked up  XLF and SOXL

I still have what may be too much oil with both  OIH and XLE.   These could be negatively effected by Mid-Eastern events. One friend is picking up Canadian Oil stocks which could be safer

Regards to all and have a good week.


A little change of plans on Monday morning. I will be selling some UWM  at the open this morning  (Monday). I have been seeing a rotation out of the small cap stocks, and this one is leveraged. Leaving it will be my move to a more conservative portfolio 

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