Monday, February 28, 2011

Uncertainties Caused a Round of Profit Taking Last Week … What Will Happen This Week?

What a week last week was!

I was really concerned when the Middle East dominated the news, the profit taking began and I wondered where the market might end up. Those concerns seems to have settled down, so we can now watch and see if the uptrend resumes...Why Not?

My interpretation of Copernicus Systems is to be long in the Market. I continue to see a lot of stocks of interest. Some of these still look a little paused, but I will look further at: CTXS, NTES, and DDCVX keeps popping up and looks good to me, but I already have that in my dividend portfolio....would it be silly to also own it for a trade?

IBD has understandably changed their Market Outlook to "Uptrend Under Pressure"

Last week was a little wake-up call about the need to be prudent, so I will be in a "protect capital mode" for the near term and may not make any purchases

My "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:

KLAC up 6.3 %

CMG  up .51 % Looking a Little battered after last week

EMC up 9.04 % Held up fairly well

AAPL   up 9.83 %....actually seemed to find its footing last week

The leveraged ETF's for a trade:

BGU  up 3.35 %

AGQ  up 3.34 %  This is a leveraged silver ETF. It was added during a time of concern (panic) but I will let the sell rules take it from here

For normal ETF's, I still have both  OIH and XLE. (oil ETF's),  which of course are doing fine and  XLF which held on.

FAS was sold last week when it fell out of the bottom of the box (I do have losses)

SOXL was sold on Monday but due to it going out of the top of the box...a little late but still picked up a 14.2 % gain. It had been up over 20% so I held on to this one too long. This is an interesting ETF, I see it is already moving up again...Hmm

Have a great week week!

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