Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back In Again On Monday

This a has been a good week and a busy week, and it looks like I will once again be going back into the market

I expected last week to be a down week and exactly the opposite happened. On Wednesday the little mini rally led IBD to change their market outlook to “ Market In Confirmed Uptrend”

In advance of this I picked up more GLD , took a couple of positions in silver with SLW , a Canadian silver company and in  AGQ a 2X leverage silver ETF.  I also moved into the 3X levered financial inverse FAZ . After Wednesday I thought I had chosen and timed this poorly, however all but FAZ ended up nicely for the week.

 I’m sure glad I did not go short, but that may happen in the near future, at least folks with greater forward vision seem to think so.

What did I see in the weekend review?

As mentioned earlier IBD’s Market Current Outlook shows “Market Resumes Uptrend” 

My interpretation of the Copernicus Systems is to be I will with an initial position into RSU ,  a leverage version of the S & P 500

Biotech continues to looks good. I will pick up both IBB and BIIB on Monday morning

My "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(Gains shown are the total since purchase)

 SLW .45%

ETF's for a trade are:

USO 9.57 %

GLD 4.58%
GLD second purchase 1.05%

AGQ 15.91%, WOW, this in just a few days…. normally I would sell at this gain, but since I would buy again I will reset and consider the gain to be .91% for simplicity..... I should point out this can fall just as fast, perhaps even faster

FAZ –2.59% with the change in market trend, this will have to go on Monday

Normal ETF's:

Oil and energy continue to be good to hold

 OIH 25.43% up

 XLE. 16.01% up

Have a great week!

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