Sunday, April 10, 2011

Well I did not “Sail” for long, also Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Last week I indicated I was Setting Sail, but keeping the lifeboat in sight. This this week... now where is that lifeboat?

With an observation from Copernicus pointing out that their Money Flow Calculation is not supporting the recent new price highs and how this points to a possible reversal of the trend, I will be selling some Stocks, ETF’s and some Mutual funds…not everything and none of the Dividend Stocks, but definitely getting into the lifeboat of cash.

I sure don’t know how this will play out or when, but sometimes cash is a very comfortable thing, even if it means missing some gains. Also the market just is not “feeling” right…just a feeling

Speaking of missing some gains, in cleaning up some old watch lists I looked at one I had named Distressed Buys…well I did not buy any of them, but all have gained big, one very big.

I have not taken the time to see exactly when I created this list but likely around 2 years ago. Here is what I saw:

WNC up an astounding 754%

F up a staggering 449%

AA up 162 %

PCAR up 103%

Well, I obviously should have taken a little flyer on this group. I linked up the 2-year chart, so take a look at a few, if you did not

What did I see in the weekend review?

  1. IBD’s Market Current Outlook  still shows  “ Confirmed Uptrend”
2. Copernicus says a lot of things but the observation of money flows trumps the others in my mind

My "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(Gains shown are the total since purchase)

KLAC  -4.75 % will sell

CMG   8.78% will sell.

EMC  5.75% will sell

AAPL   5.70% will sell

ETF's for a trade are:

USO  11.12 % will hold, but who know were the price of oil will go

GLD 2.38% may add 

IBB 4.92 % will sell

For Normal ETF's:

I still have both OIH and XLE. (oil related ETF's ) and  XLF but will sell XLF. I recently bought RSU, will sell it as well

Have a great week!

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