Sunday, April 3, 2011

Setting Sail!….but keeping those lifeboats in sight and ready

Since the market now looks promising and in an upward trend I re-entered with RSU which is a 2X leveraged version of the S &P 500. I will add SPY on Monday, which simply is the S & P 500.

I did get my Dividend Stocks updated and may write more about those in the future. Since I review those differently I won’t regularly write about them

What did I see in the weekend review?

1. IBD’s Market Current Outlook switched this week to  “ Confirmed Uptrend”, I was very glad to see this.

2. My interpretation of the Copernicus System continues to be long in the Market.

3. For stocks of interest I was attracted to BIDU, DRIV, INSP, T, BIIB, CPWR and GILD

But, the "Stocks for a Trade" bucket is pretty full so I will need to wait until some of those sell and I hope to be able to let the rules sell those... in spite of 3 out of 4 dropping for the week....Ouch! I hope they don't exit out the bottom of their boxes, but that is possible

My "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(Gains shown are the total since purchase)

KLAC 1.63%, dropped a little for the week

CMG   10.89%, an nice pop for the week, another week like this and this will get sold .

EMC  7.62%, dropped a little for the week

AAPL   8.69%, also dropped a little for the week

ETF's for a trade are:

USO  6.25% up again .

GLD down –.68 %, still soft 

IBB 3.57 % I did pick up this Biotech ETF this week with a nice start

For Normal ETF's, I still have both OIH and XLE. (oil related ETF's ) and  XLF

Have a great week!

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