Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brief Update

So what did I see in my weekend review?

My Dividend Payers are in general back to their 50 day averages.

On Friday the market gave up their gains for the week and gold has rallied once again. The gold miners look interesting. GDX is an ETF for this.

IBD (Investor Business Daily) still shows : Market in Confirmed Uptrend.

Copernicus Systems is still mixed, at least in my interpretation. Money flows have stopped falling are moving sideways and slightly up, but far from robust.

Currently my "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(All gains or losses shown are the total since purchase)

AAPL  + 4.97 %

ETF's for a trade are:

SH    - 4.38 %
SH    - 2.59 %
SDS  - 8.29 %
GLD + 6.37%

With gold going like a rocket it is hard to add more. I may add some GDX on Monday, perhaps some more SH.....still need some more thought on all of this.

Have a great week

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