Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things are looking up...but remember know one really know the future of the Markets

This week on Tuesday  we saw a really nice gain and Friday a modest gain. I really like this because in spite of the unknowns, (which the Markets hates) the market was propelled higher. Likely this was due to good earnings this week by various companies.

I must confess I did not follow the Markets or business news much this week due to a lack of power at home which left me with hand crank radio for the local news

My interpretation of the Copernicus Systems is that we are now getting clear signals to be long in the Markets and I saw many stocks of interest.

IBD also seems to agree citing "  Market in Confirmed Uptrend" 

I am now left with six stocks for a trade:  MONIPJPMEMCARBA and  AAPL.

ARBA is doing very well, APPL and EMC are doing  fine, IP is okay and I have a modest loss in JPM.

The stocks I saw today of interest were: SOHU, KLAC, SANM, BIDU, EBAY, EXTR and OTEX

I may swap out of the IP and JPM in favor of perhaps KLAC, SANM or SOHU, will decide later

For ETF's, (Exchange Traded Funds), I still have both  OIH and XLE. along with  XLF and SOXL .. these all look fine for now

Well that is a brief review for today , Hope your team wins tonight

Wednesday Addendum:

I did sell IP  and  JPM

Now buying KLAC and CMG

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