Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still looking up...perhaps even better.

The markets continue to perform well. I try not to make forward looking predictions but if this continues......   

My interpretation of the Copernicus Systems continues to be clear signals to be long in the Markets and I once again saw many stocks of interest (too many to list for now and I'm not sure if I can pick any additional up at this time).  IBD continues to seem to agree citing "Market in Confirmed Uptrend"

I incorrectly reported my "stocks for a trade last week" as I had earlier sold off MON and ARBA.

During the week and I did sell  IPand  JPM and picked up KLAC, but also CMG which had caught my eye and I did not mention last week

So that left me with:    KLAC, CMG   EMC,  and good old  AAPL by the end of the week

All are doing well, some up rapidly thus far:

KLAC up 1.91 %

CMG  up an amazing 8.75%

EMC up 9.61 %

AAPL  my longest term holding of the group by far up 12.57%

For ETF's, (Exchange Traded Funds), I still have both  OIH and XLE. along with  XLF and SOXL .. these all look fine for now.

I am considering taking some small positions in  some 3X leveraged ETF's: FAS which is Financial Services and BGU  which is magnifies the Russell 1000 which is large cap stocks. These are very risky but these are two areas that have shown life and could continue to do so.

That's all for tonight


  1. i was wondering when you were going to get rid of jpm


  2. JPM will be a good one some day but FAS and XLE seem to be a better fit for now