Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Risk

Last week I noted “The market has demonstrated great resiliency” and that continues to hold true. The Cyrus banking issue now seems to be old news and it appears they join the ranks of those countries saved and “allowed” to continue their participation in the European Union.

Rails and rail related stocks are strong. Perhaps this could be a forecaster of the economy. KSU, bought a few months ago for a long term holding based on its great dividend growth rate, has a beautiful chart. 

It only pays .8% dividend now, but if the growth rates holds true for the next 5 years it could be ridiculous a 78%

So I am thinking it’s time to take on more risk. I will be adding to long term holdings of  CHD (I like to say that everyone should own Church and Dwight as a long term holding ) and MCD (also a good long term holding). Here is a chart showing these as compared to SPY an ETF of the S&P 500.

I would love to add more AAPL to my long term holdings, but want to see some upward momentum

What did I see in my weekend review?

The 10-yr Treasury yield is at 1.85

IBD (Investor Business Daily): Confirmed Up Trend

Copernicus Systems: Long IMHO

Moneys Flows:  All positive, but trending down …will keep a watchful eye on this

Currently my "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:
(All gains or losses shown are the total since purchase)
RGR +.69
GILD  +12.99% will continue to hold for another week
JCOM  +6.96%

ETF’s for a trade are:
GLD  -4.06%
EWA  +1.06%
IWM  +.87%
EFA  +.14%
IBB   +2.92%
EWJ .79%

What will I do?

I did not sell EWA (Australia) last week, I decide to hold it as for another week as it pays almost 5% dividend and this could be a consolation if something bad happens.

I did pick up EWJ (Japan) and IBB (Biotech)

I will look to add to IBB

I hope you have a great week

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