Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Baskets, More Stocks, More ETF’s

I did pick up stocks FLT and TRIP and ETF’s EWG and XLB as mentioned last week.  I also bought XLB (on bad data) and added CRM and DAL, to the Cramer basket. For good measure I added CMG

What did I see in my weekend review?

The 10-yr Treasury yields now at 2.75 %

IBD (Investor Business Daily) now at: Confirmed Up Trend

Copernicus Systems: Long

Moneys Flows:  all positive

Currently my "Stocks for a Trade" now consists of:

ABX -14.576%, ….I’m not happy with myself for what I have let happen here. This could recover, but who knows
CMG -2.41%

Cramer Basket

PCLN +1.67%
DAL +1.89%
GOOG -.36%
CRM -6.47%
NFLX +.19%
AMZN +1.53%

Copernicus Basket

FSLR +15.50% …Note to self: sell or re-evaluate when gain drops to 8% or rises to 30%
TRIP -.42%

IBD Basket

FLT +1.86%


EWZ -4.07% give it another week
QQQ +13.65% 
IWM +12.84%
EWG -.19%
XLB -.88%
XLI +.02%

What will I do?

As mentioned I will sell XLB, perhaps buy more XLI…hoping to look further at MRVL and OTEX

I hope you have a great week.



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